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Oxford Eagle’s Year in Review, part 4: October to December

As we find ourselves with just one more week in 2018, it’s important to take time to look back at most impactful stories of the ... Read more

Oxford Eagle’s Year in Review, part 3: July to September

As we find ourselves with just one more week in 2018, it’s important to take time to look back at most impactful stories of the ... Read more

Year in Review, part 2: April to July

As we find ourselves with just one more week in 2018, it’s important to take time to look back at most impactful stories of the ... Read more

COMMENTARY: From a big city kid, it’s hard to beat Oxford’s holiday beauty

Let me preface this by asking you to understand: I have high standards for the holidays, imparted in me by my family. For those who ... Read more

Oxford, Lafayette school districts deserve more recognition

As the 2018 year closes, there’s one outstanding thing we, as a community, need to commend. Both school districts in Oxford, the Oxford School District ... Read more

This thanksgiving, here’s how to talk to your relatives about the state of Ole Miss football

It hasn’t been the easiest or most positive year for Ole Miss football. Sitting at 5-6 and having one just one game in the SEC. ... Read more

Avoiding apathy between elections

In a Nov. 5 report from Politico, an estimated 36 million people cast their ballots ahead of Election Day. That number is certainly stunning when ... Read more

Aging is our greatest equalizer

How is your aging going? Are there more surprises like wrinkles or more gray hairs than a while back? Do you need more sleep? Has ... Read more

The brain’s dwindiling attention span

The average human’s attention span is…oh look, a bird! Has that happened to you? As your brain began the activity of saying something to someone, ... Read more

Ed Meek: A decent man under fire

To the Editor: You grow up in a town and know the people, and some people you don’t always agree with politically can still be ... Read more

Searching for honesty in national media

If a modern-day Diogenes were to search for honesty in the mainstream media, he would need barrels of lamp oil. Diogenes the Cynic was an ... Read more

Where have all the voters gone?

We were shocked on Tuesday night to see that the total number of ballots cast for the Lafayette County School District bond came in at ... Read more

Mueller mountain births Papadopoulos mouse

“The Mountain in Labour” is one of the fables credited to the Greek storyteller Aesop in the 6th Century BCE. “The Mountain in Labour” was ... Read more

Kavanaugh confirmation hearings are Kabuki television

Japan’s Kabuki theater tradition is over four-centuries-old. Kabuki performers are heavily made up, ornately dressed and engage at a snail’s pace in a highly stylized ... Read more

South Oxford Center a mark of area’s growth

The University of Mississippi announced yesterday that the South Oxford Center – what was formerly the Baptist Hospital campus before the new facility opened in ... Read more

When the IRS plays politics, you pay for it

Articles in The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and The Washington Post recently detailed how the government has agreed to pay $3.5 million ... Read more

Let’s talk about Urban Meyer

Another football season, another football scandal. Whatever could have, and should have, been done by Ohio State University and its head football coach Urban Meyer ... Read more

The joke continues for public education in Mississippi

Newspapers work to include a myriad of subject pieces to attract readers. For some, there is news, while for others the attraction might be a ... Read more

Mississippi legislature should create “Durley Bratton law”

Dear Editor: The time has come for every Mississippi legislator to sponsor and pass a law entitled “the Durley Bratton law,” which makes it mandatory ... Read more

Question remains about future of animals in OLHS’ care

Dear Editor: I read with great interest and considerable respect your editorial of Aug. 11 regarding the closing of the OLHS: interest because I’ve adopted ... Read more

The deep state has deep roots

This country’s 30th President, Calvin Coolidge, led the nation through the Roaring Twenties, a time of social upheaval and rapidly changing mores. The United States ... Read more

Life lessons from “The Book of Juv”

By Randy Weeks “Christianity ain’t all that hard. You just do the right thing, tell the truth and love people.” Don’t go looking through your ... Read more

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