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OPINION: The Ole Miss Family knows no limits

“This is my hometown, not their town.”   “A lot of them aren’t from Oxford, they can go home! LEAVE!!”  “They need to stay quiet and ... Read more

A Concert with Dad

Like my father, I love music. If anyone were to look at my iTunes playlist, they would find a variety of music genres. It drives ... Read more

OPINION: Hate has no home here

The events of the last three weeks have served as a time of reflection and reform for people in the LOU Community and beyond.  As ... Read more

OUR VIEW: Can the statue be relocated now?

The vandalism of the confederate monument on the University of Mississippi campus was a bleak affair – one that could have been prevented, had the ... Read more

OPINION: Don’t be a Carla

I learned of a scam over the weekend that has plagued me for days. It’s apparently becoming increasingly common, but I’m here to tell you, it won’t ... Read more

OUR VIEW:The numbers don’t tell all – but they should

Throughout the course of the coronavirus pandemic, we have gotten a well-formed impression of the way the Mississippi State Department of Health has handled reporting ... Read more

OUR VIEW: Senior Memories Never Fade

The coronavirus has wreaked havoc on life as we know it in many ways, from losing loved ones to sacrificing experiences.  The social toll of ... Read more

Saluting our front-line heroes

In the face of a pandemic, there are a few people who never back down.   Our essential workers, ranging from the ER doctor working to ... Read more

COLUMN: Despite changes, our mission remains the same

In the weeks since the coronavirus pandemic has begun spreading across the U.S., a lot has changed.  Businesses deemed non-essential have been forced to close ... Read more

Coronavirus Chronicles, part 3

I took a walk-through of campus this past weekend. At the same time, it looked both desolate and shockingly put together. Oxford is simply different ... Read more

Praying for fellow writer David Johnson

A little over a week ago, I hopped on the phone with Eli Johnson. An early morning phone call with an Ole Miss football player ... Read more

COLUMN: Coronavirus Chronicles, part 2

April Fool’s Day scared me. I’m not one for pranks or really one for putting extra meaning on any day of the calendar for that ... Read more

Coronavirus Chronicles, part 1

Conference USA championships can cure COVID-19. Well not really, but virtual CUSA championships can certainly help kill some time and cure the coronavirus blues. I ... Read more

OUR VIEW: ‘Overreacting’ could save lives

Our corner of the world seems far removed from the way things were a week ago.   In the blink of an eye, restaurants have shuttered, ... Read more

COLUMN: NFL offseason providing a modicum of normalcy amongst unrest

It’s going to be incredibly bizarre to see Tom Brady in a uniform without that clunky Patriots logo on the helmet. The 42-year-old New England ... Read more

Decisions have been made: where do we go from here?

How many moments in your life do you honestly, truly remember in vivid detail, almost as if everything is happening around you in slow motion? ... Read more

OUR VIEW: What now, Mississippi?

Change will not happen overnight for Mississippi, as much as we might wish differently.   By the time our readers see this, the Magnolia State will ... Read more

OPINION: From the comments section – Using your voice effectively

Several hot-button issues have been discussed by the City of Oxford in recent weeks, but two have seen the most public outcry.  The Board of ... Read more

EDITORIAL: The importance of facts and local news

In the last week, Oxford has seemingly been turned on its head as national news outlets converged on our small town to cover the events ... Read more

OPINION: A dangerous precedent: the “Kavanaugh Effect”

This hasn’t exactly been a banner week for female reporters or politicians in Mississippi.   After reading about the state’s lowest-fundraising gubernatorial candidate (who shall remain ... Read more

Our View: Time to take Mississippi’s education crisis seriously

The recent oversight by the Mississippi Department of Education and lawmakers illustrates there’s still a long way to go before the state’s educational crisis is ... Read more

Column: What was Southern Miss’ HC thinking?

It’s hard to understand what’s going through Southern Mississippi head football coach Jay Hopson’s mind. It’s hard to understand how he’s justifying his actions to ... Read more

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